Monday, October 31, 2011

A Sea of Love

I am at the coast at half moon bay. So many words that have moved many experiences too. I guess I will start with the phrase that stared at me as I approached this blog entry journey. Written on the bench I was about to sit in-- "The voice of the sea speaks to the soul."

Yesterday while on a hike with my church group I reflected on two things. One is that our eyes face outward so our focus is on the other..we can't see our own face. The oddest thing caused me to think of this. We were warned of ticks along the way and I told a friend of mine that I would take off the ticks I see on her and she could take off the ticks she sees on me. What we see is the other, my friend, and my friend sees the other, me. How beautiful that we were designed to take care of one another.

How we see brought me to the sea. I also took note as we hiked along the coast..that our world is more sea than land and I wondered why. I am sure there are scientific theories as to why this might be. However, I will speculate on the subjective human perspective:-).

We were not meant to live on the water and yet our soul does feel a special call to be near it. The look and sound of the waves soothes us. I think of our other senses that we may not notice that also beckon us, the smell, the touch of it. But definitely not the taste:-). The sea also has great mammals that are noble and intelligent and that we admire and enjoy. It also has a mammal we don't understand and fear. It's a sign of what we need and a dream of what we want. Enjoying the ocean often requires solitude and listening and hence is a great way to commune with God.

So in this sea of writing I hope I can really begin to see. To see that love and God always take care of things no matter how it may seem, and when I begin to worry, especially about someone else, pray..pray pray..the almighty God is already at work trying to comfort and open new doors...and if we love Him we will in turn really see the other and


Unknown said...
November 1, 2011 at 7:59 AM  

Nicely put Angela--love the coast down there! God bless!

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