Monday, June 1, 2015

A Story of Love

I just came back from a vacation to Cabo, Mexico. I went with an old friend and had  a lot of good and typical partying times. The sun, the activities, the runs on the beach, too many spirited drinks, the spontaneous connections..had me live in the moment more often than not.

It took me out of the health drama that had me swept up in April and May. With God's grace, my final answer came before my trip. All the doctors I consulted with knowledge of my rare cancer said the same. There is an excellent chance it is isolated, It is extremely slow growing and surgery is the preventative and curative course of action. I will weigh a little less come mid July..minus the smallest lobe in our lungs..the right middle lobe.:-)

So I have peace. I am embracing prayers with friends and have been blessed to have prayers that have accompanied me through this journey from a core group of friends and family members.

The little miracle that happens is that I see God and love in new ways almost without looking for it.:-)

As I returned from my trip, I thought well I am not particularly inspired to write a May blog and here we are June 1 and I am inspired.

I saw on a bumper sticker the dates of a beloved's birthday and passing and it occurred to me that this life is a Story of Love. We can't escape it.

Some of us love science and knowledge and the dream to do and know more. Some of us love a child, a spouse, a long love or a friend. Some of us love a pet or life or Jesus or God. 

But that love drives us…as if by some invisible hand we are moved beyond ourselves, discovering ourselves, growing and yet staying the same, and ultimately accepting the many things we can not control and yet we love anyway.

If you stay still and silent and open your heart, it is almost as if we don't have a choice…we cherish, we protect, we pursue we love whom we love and what we love. 

And God's will for that love will be made manifest in what we give up on and what we don't.

What ultimately opened my eyes again was the drama of life and health in a friend's family. My eyes were more deeply opened in remembering the story of what Jesus did out of love…how His sacrifice was the ultimate story of love. It's transformative, salvific and healing.

This June month as we celebrate Corpus Christi and meditate on the Eucharist..let that Holy Presence remind us and smile. It is written in your heart and mine and put their by God…because life is truly a Story of Love.


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