Sunday, August 31, 2014


Begin the Dream by Letting Go

Sometimes the most painful experiences teach us the most. Conventional wisdom and listening to others when you know deep in you that love does not work this way but you follow it anyway help in the process forward. The process of trusting yourself and when God speaks to you becomes the most important voice to hear.

This theme of letting go is a constant. Especially for women raised in a take charge culture. In work and in many aspects of life,  logic and the knowledge of human nature has guided me. But oddly when it comes to relationships,  my logic and knowledge of human nature seems to go awry.

Somehow personal relationships wake up in me a tenacity when I am attached and I create hope. And a suspension of disbelief happens as it happens in movies, except this is real life. It is my life.

When all is said and done and the dust settles, the truth becomes clear. And the illusions fade away. 

But this is a good thing. Grounded in the here and now, even though I know I am just passing through this life, makes me realize that for matters of the heart---I have to discern and evaluate and weigh before I embark on that magical journey of dating. And even after that guarding my heart until a man proves himself worthy. These checks will weed out the impostors.

Sometimes too while waiting on other career dreams accidents can wake us up  to embracing what is really important and letting go of the rest. It finally helps us to really pursue our deeper dreams and move forward. 

Sometimes letting go means letting God give you really good gifts and treating yourself. After all we are supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves and so we start with just love of self.

Letting go can really mean giving yourself and God the freedom to give you the great gifts. And sometimes those gifts come in a manner you don't see and in unexpected places.

Here is to letting go and letting God give you the great gifts. But be wary of impostors both within you and without. And as you navigate the world and our humanity, listen to the still small voice and let go of the rest of the noise. What is truly meant for you will be made manifest. And in the meantime treat yourself to the gifts that you can prudently and begin the dream by letting go!