Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Happy Lent!

The Catholic liturgical calendar has a rhythm. And although every year we celebrate everything all over again, Lent on Ash Wednesday does not start on the same date and hence Easter is not on the same date.

This year in 2014, Lent started a little late, and I am grateful it did. This Lent does not have the same meaning for me as it did last year. Last year I saw it as just temporarily giving up certain things. This year I saw it as drawing even closer to God by yes giving up things but also giving and getting Closer to God with spiritual practices. 

First, I have been going to confession and adoration once per week. When I broke that rhythm, I actually felt off. Second, I am giving up sugar, and alcohol. A side benefit is it had helped my waistline Thirdly, I am also eating moderately and volunteered in Skid Row to feed those who go hungry more often that not. I also gave out packets of water and snacks to those I find begging and money when I did not have it. I made me realize how often I have gone ignoring those in need. Praying for them is essential but when you can give something, it feels really good.

This Lent I gave up some thing I did not know I would and even withdrew my facebook account. It actually feels so liberating, I may do it past Lent. All the unexpected giving up has been liberating. A sure sign I am going in the right direction. And praise be to God so many wonderful doors are opening.

Lent has taught me that at the heart of love, along with passion, attachment and forgiveness is sacrifice. What are you willing to sacrifice? What am I willing to sacrifice? Are there limits? 
If you choose freely to love without limits, it is then that we are in true communion with God and love. The rich fruit will be there if you give up what limits your capacity to love.

Some of the fruits so far of this Lent for me have been joy and peace. Trusting in the Lord 100%,  I know that my actions and the actions of others will always lead to truth and love. Relationships like the liturgical calendar have rhythms too, and eventually the music becomes clear what purpose the relationship has or had.

This Lent has also been trying, as there are moments in trials that I realize that I have even more growth in that deep confidence in God and letting him lead the way.

Leaning on God draws me closer to who I really am and that is a beautiful place to be. It lets me know I am justified for my needs and that God will provide amply if I just lean on and trust in HIM. It is has also been a big blessing when I see the signs thru others and my spiritual director of what real love looks like. It has also been a time of grace for my friendships as well.

Deep faith and deep trust in God is a rock to lean on as it buoys us in the opportunities and joys and sustains us and gives us hope in the losses and sorrows. In each event we draw God/Love closer to us and are sanctified as we celebrate each moment of this passing life.

As we embrace this last two weeks of Lent, let us keep the faith. Next week is the most trying, the most beautiful and ends in the most Glorious and I feel blessed to celebrate that in communion with my family in Peru.

This Lent, finding God in the every day and every moment has brought me joy and peace. And I can end with one scripture I find inspirational...Matthew 6:33 "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." Happy Lent!