Sunday, April 8, 2012

God's Story Unfolding Through Us

I only meant to fast from facebook during Lent. Unintentionally, I gave up writing in my blog as well:-). I also added going to daily mass being mindful that the purpose was to get closer to Jesus. Lent is all about Jesus. We learn intimately about God thru Jesus mortal life and then thru his glorious resurrected Life. No doubt today is the most Joyous day in the Christian calender. Jesus is risen from the dead with a transfigured immortal body!

This Lent and Triduum (Holy Thursday thru Saturday), however, was different for me. In the past, I always saw Lent and the Triduum as a necessary evil. I could not wait for it to end so that Easter would finally be here. This year I embraced Lent as a time to really walk with Jesus and see what he did for me. I took it personally.

And on a day that ended up being a milestone for my career. I was caressed by Jesus love. Before I was emailed and called with the good news, I was in my car at the parking lot across from Trader Joe's in Millbrae. It was the end of the last full week of Lent. I reflected on what was going to happen the following week. And I teared up as I realized how great His Love really was. How great thou art. The double meanings say it all.

I told a friend who was visiting me thru the Triduum and into Easter, " He made it all about us, and now we make it all about HIM." The full circle of love. When we are loved and we know it and feel it, we are naturally drawn to respond back. That is the nature of love. We receive and we give love and as the cycle continues..Love grows.

Easter is beautiful and miraculous. But let us not forget that the true miracle, the deeper joy of Easter is all because of Lent and Good Friday. The cross is beautiful because it reminds us how deep God's Love is; in turn our capacity to love can become as deep and powerful if we embrace HIS love. That is the most beautiful story that God is unfolding through us.


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