Saturday, January 4, 2014

Love is Enough

As we start the new year, all of our goals and wishes really surround our desire for more joy and I don't know anyone that does not need more love in their life. 

A friend recently told me of a failed romance that sometimes Love is not enough. He said it as if mimicking something some therapist or wayward counselor had told him. Let's examine that statement.

If Love/God is not enough than that invalidates Jesus love and sacrifice redeeming us. His LOVE is not enough? He loved us first, suffering pain, humiliation, giving up everything in this life for love of God and ultimately love for us. When we let this love in, we are touched on such a deep level we love back. It is the natural response. However, He gave all and loved us first.

Is a mother's love not enough for a child? A healthy and instinctual mother will love a child unto her death. Is a husband's love not enough?  A good one will sacrifice to provide materially, emotionally and every which way and will even sacrifice his own life to protect and defend his wife. What woman would ever leave a man that would do this? Not many.

Jesus commanded us to love God and each other as ourselves. He said
"Greater love hath no man than this, that man lay down his life for his friends". John 15:13  How many are friends like that? 

No it's not that love is not enough, it's that my friend did not really love.  Or he did not love the woman he was in relationship with. As a woman we tend to receive and give back the love a man gives. If it's a counterfeit you give then you usually don't get much back. Oftentimes we give up what we can part with what's easy, its when we are faced with difficult choices, choices were even a compromise seems too difficult, that's when we see what love is or what it is not.

But all is not lost because by realizing that it was not love they were pulled necessarily closer to God/Love and in due time they will be strong enough to love the way God intended them to love either in single vocation or with another person where God wills.

This new year if we strive to get closer to God/Love we will naturally grow to the next level of Love. Love is not without sacrifice but it's fruits are unbridled joy and fulfillment both in relationship and individual accomplishment.

As we strive to be in shape and better our appearance. hopefully we do so to honor God and hopefully our mate or future mate. If we strive for an intellectual/educational/career goal we should strive to do this in the service of God and our fellow human beings. One thing is certain some focuses merit a single life vocation and others the married life. We can love no matter which we are called to but we must be intellectually honest and see where our path has lead us and where we want to go. 

Let us choose each day in 2014 to be more disciplined, so we can have more freedom and so we can ultimately choose to love. May God bless you all in your dreams and aspirations this year of 2014, and know that with God/Love anything is possible. Because God/Love is Enough.


Unknown said...
January 5, 2014 at 11:21 AM  

I wonder if sometimes love is enough-- not that Jesus' Love is not all sufficient--but that those we love are not able to love at least in a healthy way. I met an individual who was charming and appeared to be honest and sincere and filled with faith. Turned out the person was a pathological liar and a severe narcissist. Love was not enough, I pray for the person, but I have stopped contact. They were toxic in the extreme.

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