Friday, July 15, 2016

Carry Peace in Our Heart

It has been a long time since I penned something. I have been going thru a transition with some formal beliefs and so it almost felt hypocritical to write. 

But all I can be is me and as authentic as I can be given my limitations in perception.

This political season I have witnessed what I thought I never would. Our darkest angels summoned forth and a polarization that has at times even brought me in. Nothing wrong with criticizing or raising concerns if your conscious dictates but a fixed position that brings anger and judgement out is definitely not our better angels.

Then there is the filming of questionable police force and an enraged shooter and the tragedy in Nice. It happens so fast..and it is overwhelming at times.

I certainly carry joy more often than not. I feel blessed beyond belief in so many ways and for the first time feel I perceive life in a more balanced. fashion There are benefits, costs and risks in every situation and I learn from all of them.

So what of our current global and current microcosm of our political climate? All I can say is it is time to take a step back, not assume we know all the variables and judge a bit less harshly.

Our liberating goal would be to choose our actions, our focus and our reactions with some calm. And to choose to carry peace in our heart.


Unknown said...
October 14, 2017 at 10:21 PM  

Always carry joy in your heart! We can also guard that joy by allowing God to cover us in the peace that transcends all understanding! It can guard our hearts and minds. In the end, light will overcome the darkness. Politics can cause us to stumble and become too negative or darken our outlook/perception. Lift up your head and allow the light to shine down on you as a blessing or joyful experience. Thank you for this blog! It is a light in the darkness.

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