Thursday, November 22, 2012

Redeeming Ignorance

It has been a LONG time. There is a quiet and stillness that is required to write and my life has had very few moments like this which is why there has been a hiatus. I penned this months ago and am thankful that this Thanksgiving morning I have the opportunity to publish it.

Ignorance is part of the human condition and until we recognize this truth we can not be humble and let God lead. I remember the first time I realized this, it was when I came back to the Catholic church at 26. I realized that there are worlds of knowledge out there that I will never know. Even if I were to specialize in something, I will never know everything there is to know about that area I am focusing on, even if I lived forever!

This brings me to the frenzy most of us who are thoughtful and conscious get caught up in, namely politics. Both sides think their opinion is correct and the opposing argument ignorant, even evil. Can we both be right and wrong? We are all ignorant--not knowing how complex, changeable and mysterious a human being is and how perfect and unchangeable God is. And yet HE lives and expands in the minutia of life we can never grasp, and at the same time is in the bigger picture we can never see. He redeems and overcomes evil, and we join him limping along the way---doubting at times that good wins over evil--the battles are long and the war never seems to end. But it will.

We collectively and individually are human and have in our DNA the same disease of our EGO. This blinds us even more to our own ignorance. We assume things that are not true, and we attribute as God's will what is in fact our own will. Most of us are honest enough to own our own will. Our EGO (edging God Out) seeks the opposite of glorifying God. It seek to glorify oneself. We all have it, and we all are tempted and fall often. Its not a pretty sight, and it causes harm. No doubt we must do what we must to heal but we also must know that God is bigger than all of it and if we confess and repent, then there is no mountain we can't climb with HIS and all the heavenly beings ready to help.

As I digressed--I come full circle. We have to make choices daily, moment to moment, some are true to ourselves and some are not, some are good and some are evil and often these things are mutually exclusive. And when we choose -- we do so in ignorance and yet we must. In standing up for truth for good and for God we do so as imperfect and ignorant beings. So here in is the kernel-- have your mind open enough to listen, your heart open enough to love, your body open enough to feel, and your soul graced enough to seek truth and courageous enough to defend it.

Then we can choose in confidence knowing we did the best we could with what we knew at the moment, knowing that in the end we may be wrong and yet God will make it right. It seems laughable, but it is also beautiful. We are ALL human and despite our ignorance we can be redeemed and lifted up by our Almighty God. I leave you with Jesus own words that says it all, "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do."


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