Friday, January 18, 2013

The Culture Wars--a short reflection on MLK day.

I have thought often that a show on the Culture Wars that invites dialogue instead of an us against them mentality would be so beneficial to society. Some of us sit the whole conversation out...because it is a war. There are wars of words, hateful and judgemental emotions, threats such as losing your job or friends and it is no wonder so many sit it out in the public square.

Those who do participate often are caught up in the judgemental rhetoric. I get emails from pro-life and pro-marriage groups that are sometimes encouraging but often they say couch their language with words such as outrage, fight, and paint the opposition as pure evil with a cold and calculating agenda. I sometimes wonder how much of that is just a projection of the way the themsleves function. Regardless, most of it leaves me cold and I have no desire to support them monetarily.

As we approach MLK day let us remind ourselves that fighting unjust laws or fighting to prevent unjust laws can have the face of courage that embraces self-sacrifice, vision, and love.

God bless us all in our quest for truth, love and true freedom.


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